Mitch's Massacre Mix
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Mitch’s Massacre Mix


Our Hottest Mix!   Enter at your Own Risk!


This mix is only for those who can handle serious heat and a bit of pain.   We are not kidding, and suggest trying no more than 1/4 teaspoon mixed with food (Like a bowl of rice) the first time you try this mix.  If you can handle that, then try some more, but not before. 

This is the same as our murderous mix but with a much larger percentage of SuperHot Peppers. More of the Carolina Reaper, Moruga Scorpion, and Trinidad Scorpion.  It still features our blend of fresh celery, carrot, grilled onion, olives, water chestnut, 3 kinds of mushrooms, garlic, cilantro, pineapple, apple, and a touch of lemon.

Handle with Care!  If you dare… 😳🌶💥

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